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We are a firm of architects, designers, engineers and staff focused on our clients, our community and the lives we influence.

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Face tomorrow, together with us: Cuhaci Peterson, your possibility partner.


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We design, document and advise the construction of commercial buildings and spaces for brands, developers and industry partners. Time and time again, our team has delivered. From the most complex concepts to architectural challenges, our team has designed custom solutions that ‘WOW!” In addition to our keen ability to design spaces, we have respected industry veterans within our firm who offer consultation on projects in need of professional advice.

Whatever industry you are in, we have a team of experts to help achieve your goals.

A Message From Our CEO

Transforming ideas into values is a process that, more often than not, strays off the set course and takes you through unplanned terrain. The ability to collaborate, learn, and employ critical thinking to strategically adapt to change is one of the many strengths the incredible team members at Cuhaci Peterson bring to the table. The desire to learn not only makes you more knowledgeable, but also more creative, and more confident in your ability to use what you know to make a difference. Often, there are multiple ways to achieve the same result, and having the confidence to rely on experience, ingenuity, and knowledge allows our leaders and inventors to achieve greatness today, and tomorrow.

We empower our team to look beyond the end-result and into the future and to feel excited about potential. Potential for new projects, for the company and, most importantly, potential for personal growth and achievement. Cuhaci Peterson was built on a foundation of bringing communities to life, even within the walls of our firm itself. We encourage every member of the team to push themselves to their personal best and to become torchbearers in their communities. I encourage you to peruse our website, check out the wide variety of projects in our online portfolio, and reach out to let us know how our team can help you create something great.

"Driven by our shared passion for bringing communities to life, our innovative firm of professionals approaches tomorrow's challenges, together. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our incredible team at Cuhaci Peterson, I’m glad you’re here."

Greg Simpson, Chief Executive Officer

Be Part of the Story at Cuhaci Peterson

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow, you can do that here.

Here at Cuhaci Peterson, we believe in turning jobs into careers and careers into legacies. Our co-founder, Lonnie Peterson, had a special talent for making you believe in yourself and realize that you could be a difference maker. It is a legacy of trying to bring out the best in people that continues today. Cuhaci Peterson is a place where it could be your first day on the job and the Chief Executive Officer will stop by to show you how to use the coffee maker, or you can start as an intern and one day rise to become the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

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