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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cuhaci Peterson has strong roots in the Mid-Atlantic market. Our Philadelphia office dates back to 2013 with the acquisition of LMA Architects, a local firm who worked extensively with Wawa in the region. The office location was not ideal, with a difficult commute for employees, in a non-pedestrian friendly area, and with very few food options around, we knew that our team members deserved much better. This less-than-ideal location posed problems with recruiting new employees, as well. The firm wrestled with the idea of moving downtown to better suit the needs of current staff and provide a more visible and attractive option for jobseekers, but instead came up with a creative solution.

Office Key Facts
Key Fact 1

Ambler was named one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania.

Key Fact 2

Ambler is walkable and suburban at the same time.

Key Fact 3

Philadelphia had the nation’s first library (1731) and hospital (1751).

Key Fact 4

Ambler is named for Mary Johnson Ambler, a resident who heroically provided medical assistance to many people during The Great Train Wreck of 1856.

Cuhaci Peterson Philadelphia

124 S Maple Street
Suite 300
Ambler, Pennsylvania 19002
United States of America

Telephone: 215-641-4830

Best of Both Worlds

The new Ambler office location, officially opened on July 27, 2023, is the epitome of world-class city dynamism in a welcoming and relaxed environment. “The design of this office was very intentional,” says Bryon McCarthy, Principal. “We wanted this office to offer the comforts of home, the convenience of commuting options, and easy access to shops, banking, lunch choices and other amenities that our employees didn’t have before.”

The new space, located on South Maple Street, is directly across the street from the Ambler SEPTA train station, making travel to and from center city Philadelphia extremely convenient. “Having the Ambler station so close to the office is great because I just have to hop on a train and I can be in the office in person to be able to collaborate with my coworkers,” says Joseline Castillo, Architectural Designer. This location has proven to be great for current staff and for catching the eye of new employees, as well. “Being in the suburbs of Philadelphia we are attracting some more experienced talent as well as being on the rail and close to the city,” said McCarthy, “Bringing that talent that is living the city life fresh out of school and enjoying what it has to offer.”

“We want people to want to come to the office to work together and really support each other,” says Greg Ansbro, Program Director. Greg, who is also a local resident, goes on to say, “Ambler has a great downtown feel to it and a Main Street area with restaurants and a lot of opportunities for us to entertain ourselves and our clients.”

As a company, we firmly believe in investing in our people, clients and our employees, alike. While the Philadelphia location was originally opened to serve the needs of a client, the move to Ambler was a means to best serve the needs of our team members and create an environment that would inspire each individual to put forth their best work for our clients. Happy team members are more productive, and that results in both employee retention and satisfied clients!

Office Leadership

    Bryon McCarthy
    Principal, Industrial, Grocery and Retail

    Greg Ansbro
    Program Director

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