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We design, document and advise on the construction of commercial buildings and spaces for brands, developers and partners.

The Cuhaci Peterson Difference

Client success starts with setting a framework of priorities. While large corporate firms seek approval from a board of directors, our staff of experienced and skilled professionals develops a plan with the best solution for each of our clients’ problems. While others may focus on short-term gains, our team looks past the finish line in an effort to build and maintain lasting relationships. We value personal connections and prefer to keep things on a first-name basis, whether you are a brand, a developer, or an industry partner. It’s these person-to-person connections that have fostered relationships with client-partners like Southeastern Grocers, who are still with us more than 45 years later.

Developing personal connections is great, but in order to stand the test of time, your results need to be excellent. Time and time again, our team has delivered. From the most complex concepts to architectural challenges, our team has designed custom solutions that ‘WOW!” In addition to our keen ability to design spaces, we have respected industry veterans within our firm who offer consultation on projects in need of professional advice.




Construction Administration

Project Management

Design and Innovation

“Cuhaci Peterson provides more than just drawings; we provide some intangibles that do not normally get asked about. Things like problem solving, project management and just overall knowledge of the account.”

Eric S Harris, Principal

“We have proven we can do complex things at scale some of the more corporate firms struggle with.”

Melanie Quimby, Principal

We are a nationally recognized, professional services firm providing end-to-end solutions.

Our team has a strong history of adapting and adjusting when unforeseen situations arise. Flexibility is a key trait we seek in our employees and are proud to offer this skill as a strength of our team as a whole. Transforming ideas into value is not always a cookie-cutter process, and our proficient problem-solvers excel at whole-team collaboration and change management, allowing us to run circles around other firms weighed down by slower, top-down approaches.

Timing is everything. Our client-partners recognize that, to beat the competition, they need tomorrow’s design-solution today. They come to us because we have proven expertise to elevate their brand, and the in-house professional services to help achieve their goals. They stay because we deliver exceptional results, and we’re fun to be around!

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