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While having the Walmart name on your client roster is impressive, our relationship with the mega-retailer is one that we are proud to say is so much more than just a portfolio booster.

For Cuhaci Peterson, the most significant stats from our years working with Walmart are not the ones measured in percentages and numbers but are rich stories filled with perseverance, heart and legacy.

As a company founded in the grocery and retail niche, working with Walmart (one of the world’s largest retailers), is an honor we don’t take for granted. Yet, set against the backdrop of doing massive, complex things at scale, what we hold near and dear are the tales of everyday heroes who embody the CP values by elevating relationships, and putting people over projects.

Starting in 2009, our relationship with Walmart began when Amin Fikry. As a former Principal at CP, and master of aspirational thinking, Amin took a massive leap of faith by reaching out to the retail giant to introduce our firm and ask if there was anything they could use our help with. At the time, Amin saw something in us that we didn’t yet see in ourselves, so landing this esteemed and well-respected retailer seemed unattainable to much of the firm, but his perseverance and belief in CP paid off! What started with a series of bathroom remodels blossomed into a longstanding relationship thanks to Amin, and CP’s dedication to customer service and providing exceptional results.

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In 2016, Amin Fikry passed away due to complications related to his battle with diabetes, but his legacy continues to have a lasting impact here at the firm. Starting that year, Cuhaci Peterson dedicated its ride in The Florida Tour de Cure to his memory, and to date has raised more than $200,000 for the American Diabetes Association. In addition, we continue to honor Amin’s legacy in our annual corporate awards ceremony with The Amin Fikry Aspire Award, recognizing an employee who best represents our vision to give everyone the power to aspire, create and accomplish without limits. Amin was the epitome of that.

Today, Cuhaci Peterson works on many Walmart projects covering a wide variety of services in the state of Florida. We are honored to work with them on a variety of project types and important corporate initiatives. There have been many instances where our work has resulted in much more than just a beautiful end result, and the stories of ‘Sweetbay’ and ‘Peachtree’ are two that are the pinnacle of our value of bringing communities to life.

Sweetbay was more than just a convenient store to the people of St. Petersburg, Florida. Riding their bikes, or walking, much of the town either worked at or shopped at Sweetbay. As a staple in the community, the people of St. Pete desperately needed an affordable replacement when the Sweetbay doors closed in 2013. Walmart decided to open a store in that location, and from the start of the takeover, it was evident to CP team members like Jaison Moras, Vice President of Electrical Engineering, that this was more than just another remodeling project. From the very first meeting, there was an amplified level of urgency by the Walmart team, and Jaison uncovered that not only would Walmart be providing the St. Pete community with the affordable retail solutions they needed, but they were also going to be providing opportunities for existing Sweetbay workers to get their jobs back.

Jaison kicked it into high gear and expedited the permit-to-production process, working tirelessly until opening day. “What was amazing to see was the people of the community, listening to their stories of how grateful they were that we were able to pull this off in three months,” Moras said.

“The conversations overheard by community members on that wonderful opening day made me think about how important our profession is, and how what we do in these buildings is connected to life in a community,” he added.

In late August of 2022, a fire broke out in the paper goods section of the Peachtree Walmart in Atlanta, Georgia. This four-hour-long fire scorched a hole through the roof, destroying massive amounts of merchandise and a substantial portion of the sales floor. Needing to close the store to repair the damages, this unforeseen event would have a significant impact on those who relied on Walmart for their shopping and prescriptions and for the workers who were now unable to work to support their own families.

Our team was already in the process of a store remodel for that location, so after a conversation with our structural teams, Senior Project Coordinator Sean-Paul Muiznieks put the current project on hold and began a plan of attack on this disaster relief project. With an anticipated reopening date which would be pushing right into the critical holiday season for the Walmart store, our team was all hands on deck, elevating this project to top priority. With the incredible work of our team, in seamless partnership with the civil team and Walmart’s amazing team, we were able to hand off our portion of the project in time for Walmart to reopen just in time for Christmas!

Our team is dedicated to deploying our expertise and ingenuity to bring value to our partners at Walmart. We strive to learn from each opportunity we receive and continually look to improve our processes and service.

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