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Redefining foodservice and convenience, offering freshly prepared Southern-inspired food, high-quality products and superior customer service at retail stores throughout coastal Georgia and South Carolina.

When we first met with Parker’s Kitchen, a convenience store chain in Georgia and South Carolina, we discussed many ways in which Cuhaci Peterson could help them grow their program, but one that really resonated was CP’s understanding and awareness of scale. At the time, they were building a handful of stores per year and had the desire to build 20+ stores per year. CP began developing prototypes and introducing processes across the board, not just in drawings, but how we document and communicate all the moving pieces with the various partners at Parker’s Kitchens.

The goal being to structure this program to be consistent while avoiding big headaches as the program grew. We’ve been fortunate to have been engaged with a lot of large, national rollout work with other clients which aided us in this case. Along the way we have created a standard and small prototype. This has enabled Parker’s Kitchen to plan ahead, providing a new outlook on buying power and cost savings. For example, pricing steel packages or rooftop equipment for a year, instead of just a few projects. This provided Parker’s Kitchen a clear view of their projects from concept development to ground up.

Project Key Facts



Parker’s Corporation


Nathan Griffis

Wade Arnold

“It seems like just yesterday when we were sitting down with Parker’s leadership for the first time hearing their goal to increase store builds by five times per year. I was on a plane a few days later to review stores with their President and developing a strategy of how we could serve them in those efforts. Some relationships take a while to form but when you put entrepreneurial organizations together with a big goal, it is incredible what you can accomplish. I enjoy the energy, passion and positive movement in this partnership, and I know that there are many more big goals to come.”

Nathan Griffis, Principal

Parker’s Kitchen wanted to continue their growth in smaller communities where the traffic counts are not as high, but they still desire to provide the variety of products and their freshly prepared, Southern-inspired food.

The construction and labor costs associated with their standard format prototype challenged the business case to develop in these various locations. Cuhaci Peterson and the Parker’s development team knew that to find true cost savings we need to address more than a few finish materials. The real savings is in price per square foot, so we pursued development of a smaller format prototype. Along with an overall area reduction of 900 square feet we also worked to simplify the building design and structural configuration. We made small adjustments to a variety of elements, but we all agreed that any “value engineering” could not impact the brand.

The other element that we knew we could not negatively impact was the consistency that we had built into the program. Consistency is extremely important and if you want to achieve it, you often need to add specific information, like millwork. This may be something left in the hands of a subcontractor for a single project. However, you want that millwork to look the same no matter which Parker’s Kitchen you walk into and the specificity of details matter. Variables like contractors, regions or states can change but the customer experience must stay the same, with the goal being to deliver the same end product. To date, CP has delivered three prototypes plus mirrored versions. These prototypes have become the starting point of dozens of site-adapts and have established foundation for every Parker’s development.

In the end, it was CP’s willingness to listen to what is important to Parker’s Kitchen, understanding what is non-negotiable and then using expertise and knowledge, such as regional influences, jurisdictions and design tenets to make the program scalable and effective. Cuhaci Peterson has also utilized its expertise with other retailers to support Parker’s. One of our first sites at the Savannah Globe was cohabitated with a Starbucks. We supported this development by preparing the design documents for the Starbucks shell as well creating one of the most interesting Starbucks drive-thru experiences in the country.

Parker’s Kitchen has a very active philanthropic arm that donates 100s of thousands of dollars each year to various organizations each year. We are happy to participate in that through their Parker's Fueling the Community Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Project Highlights

Prototype Development and Management


Rapid Exponential Growth


Challenging site conditions causing significant prototype site adapting


Full service including Refrigeration and Low Voltage Design


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