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One of Sprouts’ great innovations was to put its fresh produce in the center of the store; normally, most traditional grocers put it in the perimeter. A nod to their origin as a farmer’s market, this unique store layout is core to who they are and a key part of their best-in-fresh brand identity.

Placing it center stage signals to its customers Sprouts cares about the same things they do – farm-fresh, healthy food and overall well-being. While Sprouts is rapidly expanding into different areas across the country to bring its fresh concept to more people, they just have one architectural prototype. More than 60 percent of its stores are not traditional in shape or size, making layout planning crucial. Our team does 100 percent of the interiors for the Sprouts we work on. For every new store design, Cuhaci Peterson must provide a fixture plan from scratch where we carefully consider the customer journey and balance it against different specifications for linear footage of merchandising and square footage of required storage areas. All while trying to maintain Sprouts’ interior prototype design to meet brand standards.

Project Key Facts



Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc.


Eric S Harris

“We have to be able to understand our client incredibly well to do it with any kind of efficiency. CP provides more than just drawings; we provide some intangibles that don’t normally get asked about. Things like problem solving, project management and just overall knowledge of the account.”

Eric S Harris, Principal

The Challenge

Sprouts expanding footprint includes a variety of project types ranging from new ground-up construction to tenant improvements in second or third generation spaces, all the way up to urban mixed-use developments. Each has its own unique challenges that require multi-format solutions.

The Villages in Florida is the fastest growing metro area in the country. When Sprouts decided to enter the popular retirement community and build a new, ground-up store with adjacent retail, they turned to Cuhaci Peterson to develop the entire site. Sprouts The Villages was CP’s first V6 prototype. The V6 prototype has a distinctive barn feature at the front façade and a clean open layout specifically designed so shoppers can visually see all parts of the store the moment they walk in. The local jurisdiction required a very specific Southern Colonial style in the architecture, which required some creative modifications to the existing prototype.

Cuhaci Peterson worked with Sprouts to incorporate elements of The Villages’ preferred Southern Colonial style into the architecture of their V6 prototype. This included both the 23,256-square-foot grocery store and the adjacent retail space called the Omni Building, which has 5 tenants. Some of the elements that were incorporated included the color and the pattern of the brick that was selected and some of the column features that were used. Our team worked diligently to make sure every little detail contributed to a cohesive end product and that the anchor grocery and adjacent retail married stylistically.

Other Multiformat Solutions

Site Adaptations
An example of a tenant-improvement project we’ve done is the 23,500-square-foot Sprouts in Brandon, Florida which took what had been an old sporting-goods store and transformed it into a beautiful new grocery store. The existing curtain wall storefront glass was utilized to allow a vast amount of natural light to filter into the interior and highlight the vaulted ceiling.

Multi-story Mixed Use
CP has helped Sprouts move further into multi-story buildings across the country and each location has its own unique challenges. For example, a Sprouts in Philadelphia located in a 12-story building where our engineering team had to grapple with questions like, where do you place mechanical and refrigeration units typically on the exterior? Another in Sarasota, Florida that was ground level with a pool deck above low ceilings and, finally, one in Miami’s world-renowned Coconut Grove with 6 levels of parking ramp above the store.

The Relationship

Cuhaci Peterson has more than 45 years of experience as an innovator in the grocery industry. In fact, our Sprouts Farmers Market program came to us through our stellar, long-standing grocery practice. The first Sprouts CP worked on was a Tampa-Westchase store, which opened December 9, 2020. In 2021, CP opened a Phoenix office to better serve the needs of our client and made strategic staff acquisitions to help support Sprouts in their goal to develop and rollout more than 30 locations across the U.S.

Our current team has more than 30 years of experience working with Sprouts and our Construction Administration team have also become a trusted partner for Sprouts’ regional construction managers. Over the course of our relationship, we have gone from one prototype location to being the favored Eastern regional architect including leveraging our Philadelphia office to assist with their growth in the northeast market.

Project Highlights

30+ years combined experience working with Sprouts opening 100+ stores all over the country


Go to architect for Eastern projects


Supported by 3 offices in CP


Currently working in states from New Mexico to the SE, eastern seaboard and NE


Store types from Ground-up prototypes, existing building site adaptation ad multi-story mixed use


Providing services from Lease exhibits and Fixture Planning through to extensive on site representation during construction


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