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Known for being the first fast-food chain in the world, White Castle has teamed up with Cuhaci Peterson to bring ‘the crave’ to a whole new audience.

The world’s largest White Castle location came to us with a compelling challenge- they were so busy with in-person orders that they couldn’t keep up with online or mobile ordering. The Cuhaci Peterson team helped create the first ever Crave and Go, an innovative and tech-forward off-site solution! The result was an outstanding success and we are proud to continue partnering with White Castle as they expand throughout the United States, including the newest location in Tempe, Arizona! Whether it is flipping dirt at a groundbreaking ceremony, or flipping burgers on National Slider Day, the team at Cuhaci Peterson loves getting hands-on with our client-partners.

Project Key Facts



White Castle System, Inc.


Eric S Harris

“White Castle’s expansion into Arizona and Florida led our paths to cross and we are beyond excited to see such a great brand expanding to share their values across the country.”

Eric S Harris, Principal

“Like White Castle, CP uses all five senses in order to ensure our client’s needs are met. First, we listen, then we taste the challenge, after we see a creative direction, we smell the victory and then we touch hundreds of lives with a grand opening. We are not only a company that has passion, but we are a family who cares. Just like White Castle.”

Miriah Miller, Architectural Designer II

The Challenge

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, White Castle and its real-estate team has been looking to add stores in high-traffic areas with population growth, expanding its footprint down south in Florida and out West in Arizona. They had already opened their first store in Orlando, Florida by Disney World, which has the distinction of being the world’s largest and busiest White Castle location, when they approached our team for assistance with a challenge, that was a good problem to have.

When it first opened its doors for business in 2021 the world’s largest White Castle blew up social media with videos of the massive line of cars for their drive-thru, which stretched as far as the eye could see. It was so popular, in fact, that they were unable to do online and mobile ordering from that location and needed a solution to satisfy the crave.

The Solution

Cuhaci Peterson began working with White Castle on their first ever Crave and Go, for mobile and online ordering only. The ghost kitchen, located just across the parking lot from their restaurant, features innovations like Flippy the Robot, a robotic arm that can operate the fryer! Based on the success of the initial project collaboration, White Castle was able to leverage CP’s Phoenix office to help with their Arizona expansion efforts.

Cuhaci Peterson has a strong track-record of working with brands who have a loyal fan base in their home market who want to expand into other areas. Take, for example, Wawa and our experience helping them make the leap into the Sunshine State. Today, our Phoenix team carries on this proud tradition, helping our friends at White Castle stay true to their brand identity while adapting to unique design challenges in the state of Arizona.

In November of 2023, the Tempe White Castle opened its doors, making it the second location in Arizona and providing more than 70 jobs to the community. The store’s unique design combines elements from their destination prototype and their standard prototype. As the first ground-up build our team has done with White Castle, we were eager to continue delivering on our promise of providing exceptional results. Between the feedback from the White Castle team and the incredible community response on opening day, we are proud to say that we delivered!

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