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Redefining Innovation in Commerce

Digital Store Prototype


You probably have a favorite neighborhood store, but is it intuitive? Are the products you are looking for where you expect them to be? Has the store design been optimized to anticipate your needs and make shopping enjoyable or is there room for improvement? Grocers and retailers alike desire a store layout that delivers a frictionless shopping experience, but they lack the necessary insights into customer behavior to make it a reality.


The integration of camera-tracking analytics with Building Information Modeling, BIM, promises to revolutionize the way grocers and retailers make informed decisions about store design. Insights from in-store shopper data can be leveraged to optimize virtual models of store layouts and test design options ultimately improving the customer experience and increasing sales.


We are physical designers and innovators that transform and connect stores to the virtual shopping experience in a way that is known as Phygital (marrying a physical concept with digital; sort of a new iteration of click-and-mortar). The lines of traditional commerce formats and digital purchasing behaviors have blurred, opening the doors to new and exciting business models that both streamline the consumer experience and business operations.


The infusion of technology with design informs the needs of our clients. CP’s Visualization Team uses the latest technology to create realistic models and immersive fly-through experiences. The firm has invested in BIM and its Digital Practice Team recruits top talent from the software and gaming industry to add horsepower to its innovation efforts.

FutureShop - The Ultimate Streamlined Grocery Experience

Our FutureShop hybrid shopping experience brings together online shopping and in-store digital kiosks to provide a premium and highly efficient shopping experience that not only saves customers time, but can help increase the size of their spend each trip. Merging digital and physical spaces to create the store of the future is possible thanks to next-generation robotics fulfillment technology and semi-automated storage within the store (the Wareroom) and off-site (the Dark Store).

Endless Opportunities to Innovate

Accelerated change is upon us, and commerce has reached an inflection point. Increasingly, consumers are demanding an unlimited assortment of products, immediate fulfillment to autonomous delivery and a willingness to pay less. As these demands are fulfilled, many stores will disappear or become consolidated. The remaining stores will condense in size and need to fundamentally reshape their retail experience to fit the new landscape. This tectonic disruption is not the one that will impact commerce in the future, but the one that is being felt today. We are making sure those necessary solutions exist now.


    Steven Duffy
    Senior Vice President of Design

    Juan Gimeno
    Vice President Design and Digital Practice

    Steven Blevins
    Director of Digital Services

    Giovanni Roman-Diaz
    Digital Services Manager

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