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Ed Cuhaci (L) and Lonnie Peterson (R)

Building a Legacy

Every good story starts with a call to adventure. Lonnie Peterson grew up on a farm in Nebraska, learning the value of hard work and determination. As he grew older, he felt the calling from a different kind of field, the field of architecture. When he first arrived in Lincoln to attend architecture school at the University of Nebraska, he had never seen an escalator or a building more than three stories. After graduating, his career took him all the way to the bustling city of Ottawa, Canada, where he met his mentor, Ed Cuhaci. In 1978, Ed sent Lonnie to open an architectural office in sunny Orlando, Florida, and those lessons in perseverance from his early days on the farm began to yield results.

With hustle and hard work, Cuhaci Peterson built its reputation as a trusted partner in the grocery and retail sectors. Soon it became known as one of the go-to architecture firms in the state. When asked about his secret to success, Lonnie would often say, “finding the right people makes all the difference in the world.” Thanks to those difference makers, what started as a one-man operation has grown into a nationally recognized, professional-services firm providing end-to-end solutions. Today a new generation is writing the story from offices in Orlando, Maitland, Philadelphia, Boston and Phoenix. Five offices, one firm. Rooted in the values of a simple farm boy.

Values in the Wild

We achieve together by supporting and protecting each other in work and life, investing in the continued growth, experiences, and celebrations of the people who become our legacy. With integrity and unwavering commitment to do what is right, we empower our teams to create positive experiences and make every effort to prioritize the value of relationships. We build lasting connections by embracing the complexities and uniqueness’s of both people and projects with our humility, approachability, and ability to facilitate new perspectives.

We transform ideas into value by fearlessly owning the entirety of the process, providing service beyond expectations, and accepting the responsibility of others’ trust. We create our own path through our passion to push the boundaries of possibility, initiate change, and find creative ways to help us and our clients find successful realization.

Uniting in Legacy

Elevating Relationships

Embracing Extraordinary

Fearlessly Owning It

Defying Limits

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