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Titus Landing, with its lifestyle center concept, is the premier location for retail along the Space Coast in East Central Florida.

Featuring dining, a variety of specialty stores, special events, and the prestigious Parrish and Mayo Medical Center, Titus Landing is the leading entertainment and retail space for area residents and approximately 3 million tourists visiting America’s Space Coast annually. Titus Landing also affords a view across the Indian River Lagoon of the Kennedy Space Center, which launches over 20 commercial and NASA rockets annually. This project involved the demolition of the existing Miracle City Mall, and the redevelopment of the site into a mixed-use retail and office lifestyle center.

Along with this, the project was rebranded by Cuhaci Peterson and renamed to Titus Landing. We worked with the Developer and Civil Engineer and the Landscape Architectural firm Dix.Hite + Partners to develop the various elements for this mixed-use center. A key feature includes a central open landscaped area that will also serve as a community event space along the main axis from the entrance through to the movie theater building. Public facilities were designed and provided in support of events that take place in the heart of the new center.

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Dix.Hite + Partners, Inc.

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