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HopCat and Cuhaci Peterson have worked on multiple locations in the United States since the company first opened in 2008.

What attracted HopCat to CP was our restaurant experience and creativity in working with difficult buildings. A client we previously worked with recommended our services and began our long-term relationship with HopCat. The goal of this restaurant and bar chain is to bring the largest selection of craft beer on tap, while offering good, fresh food. HopCat features an eclectic atmosphere with reclaimed wood and extensive sustainable practices. Each location is designed to fit the culture of the city, incorporating local beers and artwork to reflect the community. They also like to use older, historical buildings for their establishments and pride themselves on location.

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Cuhaci Peterson was brought in to help this client understand each of the buildings and the many distinct factors HopCat would need to work through to make each venue a unique experience for its patrons.

Many of the remodels posed challenges due to restrictions from historical preservation societies, local jurisdictions, code restrictions and more. Cuhaci Peterson performed due diligence reports, site investigation surveys and all necessary pre- work to determine the best course of action. The work was often extensive as significant up-front research was needed to build a framework of what the client requested and to convey that into a set of plans.

That while getting everything planned, approved and staying in scope. Cuhaci Peterson navigated these challenges and was able to determine the best course of action to transform the buildings, satisfying our client while preserving the structures and history of the spaces.

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