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July 18, 2023

Daniel Lee’s path to his current position was not a conventional one. Through the Central Florida Council of the Boy Scouts, he got connected with Lonnie Peterson, the co-founder of Cuhaci Peterson. Attending a banquet for the Eagle Scouts, Daniel had the opportunity to meet Lonnie, which eventually led to an internship and a long-lasting connection.

Daniel’s integration into the company was rapid, thanks to his prior experience in high school CAD drafting. He started working on projects, gaining familiarity with the processes and gradually taking on more responsibilities. Although he started as an intern, he quickly learned and grew through asking questions and seeking guidance.

When Lee started working at CP, there was only a handful of employees and a single office. Fifteen years later, Cuhaci Peterson employs more than 250 staff members in multiple locations across the U.S. The familiarity and family-like atmosphere at CP, combined with the loyalty he felt from the company during challenging times is what has kept Danny at the firm. “[CP] saw something in me to keep me around. There’s something there that they value, so I feel like it’s a good place to stay… You feel appreciated,” Lee stated.

Daniel explained that despite the changes that have occurred as Cuhaci Peterson expands and transforms into a more corporate entity, our growth was strategic. “We’ve strategically positioned people and offices across the U.S. to best serve our clients,” said Lee. Instead of haphazardly opening multiple offices, the firm considered the opportunities that arose and carefully expanded its presence. Additionally, he mentions the lessons learned from past experiences which helped improve collaboration and communication among different offices. CP’s ability to adapt and value input from employees contributes to continued success.

Throughout his tenure, Daniel has worked on various projects, including notable clients such as Winn-Dixie, Leslie’s Pool Supplies, Miller’s Ale House and The Habit Burger Grill. These projects have allowed him to gain diverse experience in various sectors of commercial architecture, contributing to his professional growth and expertise.

Reflecting on his own journey, Daniel offers advice for those considering a career in architecture. He suggests that aspiring architects consider interning at a firm before attending design school. While his experience provided valuable real-world insights, it also posed challenges when transitioning to the more imaginative and boundary-free environment of design school. Striking a balance between practical experience and creative exploration is crucial for success.

Daniel Lee’s journey from intern to technical manager at Cuhaci Peterson showcases loyalty, growth and the value of networking. Through diverse projects, he gained valuable expertise in in the architectural industry. His advice to aspiring architects emphasizes the balance between practical experience and creative exploration. Daniel’s story highlights the rewards of embracing unconventional paths and seizing opportunities along the way.

About Cuhaci Peterson®
Cuhaci Peterson is a nationally recognized architecture, engineering and planning firm specializing in end-to-end commercial design solutions. Headquartered in Central Florida, the firm has representatives throughout the United States and is licensed in all 50 states. Cuhaci Peterson’s mission of transforming ideas into a value is enhanced by a staff of experts who collaborate with clients to translate visions into designs that elevate brands.

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