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April 15, 2020

With recent events of COVID-19, the United States has seen massive slow downs or halts of work in the industries of architecture, engineering, and construction. Statewide mandated quarantines and self-isolation have forced the hand of the industry. Though some – like grocery, gasoline, pharmacy, automotive service, and other related chains – continue to function to service America’s needs. Thankfully, some of those retailers happen to be on the list of Cuhaci Peterson’s clients. These areas include design, permitting, and construction administration.

Organizational and process related standards & regulations still allow all jurisdictions to remain open and functioning per normal. Doors have been closed to the public, but staff have been put on either rotational shifts or are working from home. These changes put delays on review times, how packages are submitted, and interaction with review and/or intake employees. Despite the COVID-19 spread and mandated quarantines, there has been an upside to ensuring permit submissions are fluid.

A large percentage of jurisdictions have adopted electronic and/or email submissions for plan review. FTP sites have been created and email servers are being utilized in cities and towns that have not used them before. This allows our Permitting department to truly practice social distancing and not put employees in harm’s way by coming in contact with the general public. Thanks to these changes and quick adjustments, C&P is able to maintain Out to Permit (OTP) dates to meet the needs of each client and obtain permits to keep projects on schedule once this virus spread subsides.

Cuhaci Peterson remains optimistic despite this pandemic and continues to push each and every employee to perform to a high standard to meet client’s needs. Sustaining a safe and healthy workforce is the priority. With this, architectural & engineering design maintains its quality, permit due diligence, submissions are completed on time, and construction administration continues to push for successful schedule deadlines and closeout. This is what C&P stands behind.

About Cuhaci Peterson®
Cuhaci Peterson is a nationally recognized architecture, engineering and planning firm specializing in end-to-end commercial design solutions. Headquartered in Central Florida, the firm has representatives throughout the United States and is licensed in all 50 states. Cuhaci Peterson’s mission of transforming ideas into a value is enhanced by a staff of experts who collaborate with clients to translate visions into designs that elevate brands.

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