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July 9, 2020

To support new construction and stimulate the economy, the Orange County Division of Building Safety recently passed an economic plan that will supplement permit fees up to $10 million during a six-month period. This means applicants can get their building permitting fees waived (up to $100,000) while ensuring all construction meets required approvals and inspections.

At Cuhaci Peterson, the measure creates a win-win situation for our existing and potential clients. Keith Brown, CP Director of Permitting Services, said, “After reviewing the published guidelines, we are hopeful that several of the firm’s clients can use this as an opportunity to keep projects moving and possible use the savings they see from this Orange County measure to invest back into other projects and stimulate not only their business but the local economy.”

Here are the details of the new incentive program, which are paid from Orange County’s Division of Building Safety’s reserve funding:

  • Regardless of the total construction value of the project, the amount of the fee supplement cannot be more than $100,000
  • For the program, a project is defined as the construction of one or more structures that require a building permit on one or more contiguous parcels of land by one or more entities
  • The offsets will begin July 13, 20202, and will continue until the $10 million has been awarded, the date of January 15, 2021, or whichever comes first
  • A request for an extension to an unexpired building permit issued under the program must be in writing and directed to the Building Official
  • If the extension is granted, it will require payment of the applicable permit fee that was originally offset
  • If a building permit used under this program expires without final inspections being completed and certificate of occupancy or completion being issued, a replacement permit will be subject to payment of the total applicable building permit fee.

We are here to help get your project started and serve as your guide in the permitting process.

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