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July 29, 2020

More good news for businesses wanting to move projects forward in Orange County. On July 28  the Orange County Division of Building Safety unanimously approved amendments allowing companies to defer paying impact fees and exempt the payment of transportation impact fees for change-of-use permits up to $100,000. The incentive program starts August 3 and is set to end July 30, 2021. For Cuhaci Peterson, this means existing and potential clients can not only retain funds until the end of construction, but also help boost the construction industry, which as been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are excited to see this move by Orange County,” said Jeff Suchan, Chief Development Officer. “It shows their commitment to help bolster the local economy. Our hope is that developers will take advantage of this incentive and move projects forward quicker, which will then create more job opportunities,” he noted.

The deferment will apply to all types of impact fees, including those related to fire services, transportation, schools, parks, and law enforcement. Instead of being collected when a building permit is issued, fees will now be due either at the time a development’s first building receives pre-power or the first certificate of occupancy is issued, whichever comes first. With the $100,000 cap on the exemption, any amount above that will still have to be paid.

Keith Brown, Director of Permitting Services at Cuhaci Peterson, said his team is ready to guide clients every step of the way. “The Permitting team is here to help with all permitting needs, like project due diligence, permit application completion, electronic submittals, tracking from beginning to end, and all coordination with design & construction teams toward successful project completion,” he explained. “We are here to participate and contribute where necessary throughout this process as Orange County gives back to the community.”

This latest incentive program comes weeks after county commissioners voted to supplement permit fees up to $10 million during a six-month period. That initiative began July 13 and will end either January 15, 2021, or when the funds are exhausted. Overall, these deferments from Orange County are a win-win across the board.

“This incentive to delay the payment of impact fees along with the previously approved waiving of permitting fees will continue to be a great benefit to development,” Suchan exclaimed. “Cuhaci Peterson is ready and willing to help with the process of getting projects through the Permitting process to take advantage of these incentives.”

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