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Who we are

Cuhaci & Peterson is a nationally recognized firm celebrating 35+ years of business in Orlando, and a new branch office in Philadelphia, PA! We offer Architectural, SMEP Engineering, Landscape and Planning services on a variety of project types. We strive at personalizing the experience of each client with focused knowledge, familiarity and confidentiality.

what we do

We specialize in retail and commercial architecture and engineering services; but we do everything from Landscape Architecture to Planning to LEED Studies to Interior Design.   If you are ever near the Baldwin Park/Orlando, Florida area - come take a tour of our office, enjoy a cold soda or freshly brewed coffee and have a chat with a few of our awesome team members!

where we do it

Chances are, you've already seen or visited one of our projects and didn’t even know it. Whether it was a store you shop in on the weekends, that really nice restaurant your mother loves, the place you get your favorite morning coffee, or possibly even the office building you work in, our projects are all over.
Give us a call!