Back in early November of 2010, while doing some marketing at the ICSC Conference in Atlanta, I bumped into a friendly competitor. After the obligatory chit-chat, he mentioned his company was working on an interior build-out project for which we provided him record drawings of the shell. (C&P had designed the original building a few years back.)

He thanked me for our help and just as I was ready to say my goodbyes and move on, he said “Lonnie, I hesitate in telling you this but I wish our office could be more like yours…” He continued, “When I called to ask for those record drawings, every person that I spoke with, from the receptionist to the architect to the draftsman to the IT guy, were all so friendly and helpful. They took my task to heart and provided exceptional services; you have a terrific team and great chemistry.”

I was about to thank him profusely for the compliment when he gave the clincher: ”The most embarrassing part is that my client was on the phone with me the whole time, and when we hung up with C&P, he said to me – ‘Why can’t your office be more like that?’ With that, I said with a humble nod, “Thank you”, And walked away with a big smile, inspired to market the heck out of that conference and make a great first impression on every new potential client I met.

It’s moments like that that remind me of how truly blessed we are at C&P with such amazing talent. Many, many thanks to the entire C&P team!

– Lonnie Peterson

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