Recently one of C&P’s Principals, John Ziebarth, got the opportunity to chat with Grocerant Solutions about the trending topic of Grocerants and how they are making their way into stores nationwide.

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By: Lynn Petrak

Building a successful grocerant program isn’t a matter of adding a made-to-order sandwich counter or a longer hot bar and hanging a menu board near the deli. Supermarket operators thinking about adding or expanding a grocerant area need to think outside the figurative box and inside their literal walls to design an area where shoppers can have a totally different food experience in retail, counsel industry experts.

Designers who create grocerants that are truly a retailfoodservice hybrid recommend starting from the concept phase and asking some fundamental questions to determine the best place in the store for a grocerant.

“Start from scratch and ask, ‘What is the scope and scale of what I want to do?’ The key takeaway is a program that is strategic, and one that from the beginning allows you to seamlessly connect guests to your concept, to you, and to the relationship of your store’s overall environment,” advises Lewis Shaye, president of Grocerant Design Group, a consulting firm in Columbia, South Carolina.

John Ziebarth, a principal at Orlando-based Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, Engineers and Planners, which focuses on the grocery sector, says that a true understanding of the retail brand and its customer dynamic is a crucial first step.

“Another important step is to determine the commitment and appetite to invest in restaurant-quality kitchen equipment and features associated with that,” Ziebarth points out.

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