In 2017 after Hurricane Irma brought increased Senior Living regulation by Florida Governor Rick Scott, Cuhaci & Peterson Vice President of Operations, Michael Lynch stated, “Educate, inform and practice their implementation plan for the emergency situation.” when asked what advice he would give to Senior Living facilities moving forward, relating to being “storm ready”. Our experienced Senior Living team has had the opportunity to work with multiple clients in the 12 months that followed, to ensure storm readiness. With that in mind, we sat down with Cuhaci & Peterson Vice President of Engineering, Jaison Moras to gain additional perspective and better understand the value that being proactive versus reactive in these situations can bring.

Health and Safety of Residents

The number one concern for any Senior Living community is the health and safety of their residents. If staff is consumed with trying to figure out transfer plans or how to turn a common area in to a safe space to ride out a storm, the continuity of care for the residents will surely lessen. Moras notes, “We’ve studied this and developed a streamlined survey process that can assess where there are opportunities to improve storm readiness in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Memory Care facilities.” Just having a generator on hand may not  be enough. The difference between being able to sustain operations for 24 hours versus a week, could literally be a matter of life or death when skilled nursing is part of the equation.

Reputation is key

As advocates for exceptional care for our seniors, the reputation a Senior Living facility has, greatly influences the ability to maintain operations. In the age of social media, news travels fast—good or bad. Moras also noted, “One size doesn’t fit all in these scenarios. There are a host of issues that can arise. Communicating the assessment and implementation of a storm readiness plan will surely give residents and the family members that trust you with their care peace of mind.”To speak more about the value that strategic assessments and updates can bring to your facility, contact Casey Duranczyk in our Orlando office. For more information about Senior Living projects with Cuhaci & Peterson, click here.