Recently, Nathan Griffis and I had the pleasure to present at the Convenience FoodService Exchange 2022 summit in Savannah, Georgia. During the discussion, Nathan explained why convenience is not a store, rather a state and why convenience store owners and operators must innovate while also adapting to new technologies.

Accepting new innovations is absolutely a new state of mind for many. Your customers have grown accustomed to new options, like having others picking and packing items for them and frictionless checkout. With that, C-store owners must be able to adapt and deliver or risk revenue loss.

When thinking innovation, think of it as a puzzle, formed with four building blocks. They include:

  • Barriers to Entry
  • Relevance in a Changing Landscape
  • Convenience State (Not Store)
  • Designed Differentiation

Your customers have a mindset of what convenience is, so how do you maintain and understand that?

We took a closer look individually on how the puzzle impacts your brand, your geography, how to determine what works best for you and how to put together a business case (your customized puzzle) to solve it.

Please, send along any questions you have to myself or Nathan, I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

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