More Than 40 Years In The Business Of Relationships

This is a story 40 years in the making. People are Cuhaci & Peterson’s most important asset. The people we employ, the people we work for and the people we work with make up our cultural DNA as a firm. Finding the right people happens when we create connections with those who have the power to exceed expectations by transforming ideas into value.

Those who are curious and courageous risk-takers, who search for canvases to paint with a larger brush and create a bigger picture – that’s how a firm started by one has grown to nearly 300. As Lonnie Peterson, co-founder of Cuhaci & Peterson often remarked, “Finding the right people makes all the difference in the world.”

These core principles live on today as our vision and mission, as well as in the underlying cultural values that guide the Architectural and Engineering professionals that work with us. We have expanded outside the firm’s initial Florida geography to enable the addition of branch offices in Boston and Philadelphia that work hand in hand to successfully complete projects across the continental United States and Hawaii. Whether it is one person starting a business with borrowed space on a conference room table or a project team traveling across the country, the hope remains the same; Cuhaci & Peterson seeks to place the power of creation and accomplishment in the hands of our employees and our clients, one project at a time.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

- Benjamin Franklin

Yellow helmet and tools over blueprints

Moving Forward

We embark on a journey seeking a new set of opportunities that will transform us into the firm of choice for our staff and clients. This human centered approach allows us to put people first, synchronizing our mission with the quest to seek the best staff and clients. We draw upon our great history of people and relationships, spanning decades, and our natural curiosity to aspire to question everything, connect the dots and be relentless in the creation of the most innovative solutions in the markets we serve.

We hope to gain this prime position by helping our clients understand how we can provide value-rich, actionable insights from existing physical environments, through the lens of connected technologies. These insights influence decisions up and down the workstream, from design concept through post-occupancy. Our success has the catalytic effect of expanding the endpoints of traditional Architectural and Engineering services, a place where both Cuhaci & Peterson and our clients can reap mutually beneficial successes in both quality and velocity. Harnessing this new value within our markets will help the dynamic between us and our clients reach its full potential.

This brave new world will be founded on our ability to recognize emerging technologies as market disruptions, yet courageously embracing them to promote change and create value. This compelling position helps us unleash in everyone the power to aspire, create and accomplish while placing us in a venue we seek: to be our client’s trusted partner. To ensure success, we must become the facilitator, positioning ourselves directly in the path or our client’s innovation.

In the future, we must become more agile to make adjustments and perform at scale, meeting the fast changing requirements of evolving business. Our next chapter – while yet to be written – will, as it was in the beginning, be centered around people. We will pursue innovation and seek to create team wins, truly personifying the equation 1+1=3; where the sum can actually equal more than the individual parts. Our people will take us to new heights, and will fuel success that our founders could not have envisioned on that borrowed conference table 40 years ago.