As Cuhaci and Peterson celebrates our 30th anniversary working with Publix, we want to wish them a happy anniversary for 90 great years, and we’re looking forward to 90 great more.

“For all the stores they have and for all the different types of ways they go to market, it really boils down to my Publix, the Publix I go in and how I’m treated,” said C&P CEO Greg Simpson.

“George Jenkins founded Publix. He had an excellent philosophy in my mind, the customer is always the queen or the king,” said C&P Director Steven Blevins.

“Mr. Jenkins based his brand on service and trust and (at C&P) that’s where we want it to be. Like Publix, our team is built to serve as well, ” Simpson added.

The relationship took a unique turn in June 2014 when Publix and C&P partnered in a different way.

“We had a recommendation from Publix about hiring an employee that worked in one of their stores,” Blevins added.

“I started working for Publix when I was 17 years old. It was my first job and I started as a grocery clerk,” said C&P Sr. Project Coordinator Sergey Shutt.

“I started realizing how much Publix really cares for the customer. It inspired me coming into work every single day. People asked me hey do you want to stay and work with us and I said, of course, I would love to be part of the team, but my passion has always been in architecture too,” added Shutt.

“He went to school for architecture up in Tennessee, so he decided to come down here and work for Publix since he loved them so much,” said C&P Architect Chris Thie.

“I had always been passionate about what they do, and I just wanted to combine them together,” said Shutt.

“Sergey came down for the interview and it just so happened we had scheduled a site visit,” Blevins said.

Publix Biscayne

“On the ride back, he basically mentioned that we see that you really care, and you are passionate about you want to do and that’s basically where my career began,” Shutt commented.

Shutt soon received and accepted a job offer and the rest was history.

“An overview of the Publix team specifically would be, we have two factions. We have me, Sergey and Bishoy. We do the developer developing the property and Publix is going to be their tenant,” Thie added.

“My role is to keep the communication going. If the client needs something, we need to communicate this very quick,” said Sr. Project Coordinator Bishoy Botros.

“Then we have another half where Tameka, Marcus and the guys they actually work directly for Publix,” Thie said.

“Obviously the canopy is more directly associated with the developer, but the interior is directly associated with Publix. So, it’s kinda funny, because we wear two hats. “We’re representing the developers as well as representing Publix and I think that’s what makes us unique is that we can do both,” said Tameka Wallace, Project Manager.

“We do both the exterior of the building and the interior of the building. At one point those were separate groups, we elected to bring the Publix team together to make that one cohesive group,” Blevins furthered.

“We are right next to each other. We work with each other and we are able to coordinate and communicate,” Wallace added.

“If they’re in the office, you can go have a conversation and clear something up rather than sending something out, waiting on an email to come back.” Blevins stated.

“I still want to serve Publix and our developers take care of the exact same mission as I did when I was 17 years old,” Shutt stated.

Finally and once again, the entire C&P team wishes the Publix team a very happy 90th anniversary!