Our permitting services team has extensive knowledge with government, real estate, land acquisition support, due diligence/site development, and the permitting processes involved and required within Federal, State, and Local levels. From the preparation of site investigation reports to delivering your permit, our team’s knowledge of advanced site development procedures, understanding of developmental issues, and demonstrated ability to grasp an overview of projects equates to reduced overall permit timelines.

Permitting Services: Our Expertise

  • Commercial & Residential Jurisdictional Intake
  • Construction Management
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate
  • Account/Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Permitting and Forms at the Local, State and Federal Level

Cuhaci & Peterson Permitting Team

Keith Brown

  • Director of Permitting Services
  • Education: Valencia College
  • Work Experience: Orange County Building Department permitting, Software, Human Resources (30 years)

Krista Hall

  • Assistant Manager of Permitting Services
  • Education: Valencia College, Seminole State University
  • Work Experience: City of Ocoee Building Department (15 years)

David Kane

  • Assistant Manager of Permitting Services
  • Education: Hampton University & Philadelphia University
  • Work Experience: Hankin Group & New Age Development Construction commercial project management; Lidl commercial construction management (5 years)

Clarence Almonor

  • Sr. Permitting Coordinator
  • Education: Florida A&M University
  • Work Experience: Insurance account manager (3 years)

Kathy James

  • Sr. Permitting Coordinator
  • Education: Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)
  • Work Experience: Government/private firms; civil , permitting work (15 years)

Diane Berry

  • Sr. Permitting Coordinator
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Work Experience: Auto industry accounting tag & title work with jurisdictions (10 years)

Melinda Tran

  • Permitting Coordinator II
  • Education: Fashion Design Institute, Valencia College, UCF
  • Work Experience: Finance company funding (5 years)

Alex Harwell

  • Permitting Coordinator I
  • Education: University of West Florida, Valencia College
  • Work Experience: Third party review for FEMA, IT for the Orlando convention center (4 years)

Shiron Hudson

  • Permit Coordinator I
  • Education: Shippensburg University
  • Work Experience: Orange County Building Department residential permit intake (2 years)

Kasey Peterson

  • Permit Coordinator I
  • Education: Pellissippi State Community College
  • Work Experience: Education teacher’s assistant (2 years)