Elements of our practice

In our daily practice, we are truly a service company; services are provided by people, the design process does not exist without people. Our comprehensive suite of services allows us to be constantly and consistently interacting with each other, learning from each other and finding ways to understand our clients’ needs and vision, and improve with each project that we touch.


Our comprehensive architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, contractor bidding and/or negotiating, permitting and due diligence and construction administration. Architecture represents all we do and the service we provide. We help our clients realize their vision.


The Engineering team incorporates Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Services and this highly experienced, in-house team of multi-discipline engineers are an integral part of our process from day one to ensure that all considerations are incorporated into designs. They work closely with the design team to provide vital input on environmental integration, energy-efficiency, system integrity and maintainability. On many client teams or within sectors of work, the engineering staff is actually integrated directly with the architectural team and develops program and client based expertise and knowledge that result in high efficiency and continual lessons learned. In some cases, our engineering team also provides services for engineering projects independent of architectural design.

Landscape Planning & Architecture

Our landscape and planning department looks at the whole picture, understanding we are creating a sense of place with all of our projects. Effective master planning is pivotal in defining the project and supporting your vision. We handle issues of site analysis, access, circulation, parking, urban design, local development guidelines, hardscape and placemaking.

Project Management

From day one, our clients know they have a strong team behind them and one main point of contact. The fears of most clients stem from lack of communication, rising budgets and not staying on schedule. Our project managers provide that constant communication and offer the technical expertise to deliver projects on-time and within budget. They facilitate interaction between all disciplines on the team throughout the life of the project and remain responsive to your direction and vision. Our process includes design charettes, kick off meetings, resource integration, budget management, monthly reporting, continuous quality and control.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is incorporated into all of our designs. We pride ourselves on designs that improve our quality of life and avoid negatively affecting our environment. Our approach is focused on ensuring that all of our projects are designed to conserve resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and effectively improve your bottom line while not breaking the bank during construction.


Our teams are experienced with many forms of digital media as well as traditional design formats and often consider using visualization methods as one of the best ways of “thinking through” a design challenge and presenting those thoughts pen or mouse in hand, pardon the pun. Most projects pass through the experienced hands of our design and graphics departments whether it’s creating the concept for a multi-million dollar hotel or lifestyle center, or selecting the final paint color scheme for a small remodel. We provide 3D models and walkthroughs as well as photorealistic views and colored elevations to portray the vision and experience of the project and the team.


Our permitting team has extensive knowledge with government, real estate, land acquisitioning support, due diligence/site development, and the permitting processes often involved and required within Federal, State, and Local levels. From the preparation of site investigation reports to delivering your permit, our team’s knowledge of advanced site development procedures, acute understanding of developmental issues, and demonstrated ability to grasp an overview of projects equates to reduced overall permit timelines.

Construction Administration

Let C&P do the heavy lifting for your Construction Administration needs. Our team is made up of former construction company owners, construction project managers and superintendents, as well as journeymen electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and HVAC installers. With more than 150 years of experience between them, our team is ready to handle just about anything as you work to get projects closed out. Our dedicated in-house Construction Administration team ensures that the final construction is in conformance with the contract documents.