For nearly 30 years now I have had the pleasure, once or twice a year, to raise a few dollars to benefit MS and at the same time, spend a carefree weekend cruising around Florida on a bicycle. Although I always knew my pedaling was for a good cause, I maintained a somewhat nonchalant attitude about it until a vibrant young lady named Megan came into the picture around 2007.

A ride was coming up, and as usual, I was passing the hat around the office for contributions to a good cause. Megan cheerfully tossed in a few dollars, and after reading the donation receipt which listed MS symptoms and other key information, Megan realized that she HAD a lot of those very symptoms.

Megan checked with her doctor, and sure enough, she was diagnosed with early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. The good news is, with early detection, great medical care and lifestyle adjustment, Megan is now living an unrestricted life. In fact, she and her husband are expecting a baby any day now!

Megan has since taken over my fund raising efforts, raising thousands of dollars (versus the couple hundred I used to come up with) in addition to the equally important aspect of spreading awareness of the disease.

I am pedaling my butt off on those suddenly more meaningful and important MS Tour bike rides now, because I have a real life MS friend who is way better now than she might have been because of me, biking to raise awareness for MS. Now, I pedal for Megan.

Thank You Megan and God Bless!