September 16, 2016

FullSizeRenderEach year the Orlando Business Journal takes stock of the biggest, most successful and fastest growing businesses in the Central Florida area. While Cuhaci & Peterson was excited to rank as number 67 on their Golden 100 list, our President, Jed Downs, also had a bit of fun reminiscing with the OBJ about what he learned on his very first job.

As a 14 year old, in Long Island, NY, Jed worked about 30 hours a week assisting an Entenmann’s delivery truck driver, by taking stale sweets out and restocking fresh ones in local grocery stores. In addition to money, Jed also earned knowledge he was able to use throughout his life and career from that summer job. Jed shared that he learned about how important being accurate and communicating clearly are. Whether you are stocking sweet rolls or working on a building design, these qualities are part of what contributes to success.

To view the full Orlando Business Journal profile on Jed, click here.

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