We understand the impacts of the disruption Covid-19 is having on our clients, our businesses and our personal lives and are getting to know each other on a different level, as a result. Our Wawa team wanted to do something to let our partners at Wawa know that they are 100% committed to the same level of service and communication that they have always had, no matter where they were or how they have to do it. Program Director, Nathan Griffis said:

“Our team is passionate about serving our client Wawa and the personal relationships that we have with them. Many team members have been a part of this nearly 10-year partnership and our former LMA members much longer than that. Frankly, the disruption that Covid-19 has been to that communication inspired our team to prepare this message for Wawa. A message that says we have not, and are not, going anywhere. We have taken these changes in stride and are leveraging great technology that will, in fact, make us stronger as a team. The DNA of our firm says that we have survived a lot over our 40+ years and we will live to tell about this event as well. So, wherever we are, we are C&P.”