For years architects have doodled ideas here and there. Many times it’s over cocktails or during a meal, when the only paper handy is a napkin. Numerous famous architects’ napkin sketches have been sold at auction; contests are regularly held in industry circles and this medium really has become its own beast. One such event that has evolved around napkin sketches is the AIA’s Napkin Sketch Showcase.

Recently, as C&P’s Design Manager made his way to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) national conference in Philadelphia, he began to think about whether or not he would do a napkin sketch. He’d always wanted to, but never done it over the course of his career. However, on the cusp of his retirement, Rene Aquino decided (with a nudge from his wife) to enter something in the Napkin Sketch Showcase; low and behold it made the cut.

When explaining how he chose what to sketch, Rene said he wanted to use a building that would be easily recognizable; having just gone on the conference’s walking tour of the city he decided to sketch the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (one of the buildings from the tour). He said that you must draw quickly when using a napkin as your sketchbook because it will tear if your pen lingers too long. From the looks of things, he didn’t linger. Great job Rene! Way to represent your C&P family back in Orlando.

sketch 1

PAFA picsketch 2