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During the course of his career, Lonnie Peterson has made a tremendous impact in the commercial design industry; he helped turn a one man branch office into a nationally recognized architecture firm with over 200 employees. A catalyst in making a name for Cuhaci & Peterson in the commercial real estate world was through his heavy involvement with ICSC. By not only attending conferences, but by serving as committee chairs, president of chapters and more in the last 30 years, Lonnie has touched many in the industry.

Over the years, Lonnie has always had an open door policy; whether a recent graduate or a long-time colleague, folks stop by to catch up, share what’s going on and ask his advice. Therefore, Cuhaci & Peterson, along with the ICSC Foundation have come together to create something special to honor the legacy Lonnie leaves for so many, his love for education and for giving back to his community.

The fact that Cuhaci & Peterson is headquartered in Orlando, Florida was a pivotal factor when the decision was made to have the scholarship designated for architecture students at the University of Florida’s CityLab-Orlando program. Through your donation, you will be helping to provide something meaningful to an aspiring architect while honoring Lonnie in the process.

How can you be a part of this legacy? We have opened the doors for donations – see below for more details– and a few key individuals at C&P will be reaching out to friends and colleagues over the next several months. It’s possible that’s how you are reading this now! We hope you will join us in honoring Lonnie with a donation and help us reach our goal.

Should you wish to donate in Lonnie’s honor and memory, donations can be made through the ICSC Foundation. Make checks payable to ICSC Foundation, Memo Line: Lonnie G. Peterson Scholarship, and mail to Cuhaci & Peterson, 930 Woodcock Road – Suite #101, Orlando, FL 32803.


ICSC Foundation scholarships work by providing monetary support and industry recognition to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students interested in retail real estate as a career. These awards promote the industry as an exciting profession with growth potential. ICSC has guided exceptional students to the profession by providing educational opportunities that nurture and attract talent to the retail industry.

CityLab-Orlando is an off-campus program of the Graduate School of Architecture offering the Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Architectural Studies degrees. CityLab-Orlando is located in downtown Orlando and provides students a unique opportunity to study architecture, urban theory and pursue individual research in the city of Orlando. The CityLab-Orlando program follows the same curriculum as on main campus but focuses on the exploration of architectural ideas within the context of the city, and engages with the City of Orlando as a learning laboratory.

The University of Florida’s, City-Lab-Orlando Master of Architecture programs are focused on design and investigate the cultural, social, technical, economic, and environmental contexts that shape buildings and cities, the history of architecture as it is present in built forms and spaces, the materials and design. The culmination of the Master of Architecture or Master of Science degree is a thesis or a research project. The final exercise is intended to be a highly personal syntheses of the knowledge, experience and skills gained in design studio and support courses, driven by our own specific focus and individual interests.



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See Jed announce the scholarship and present Lonnie with a commemorative plaque at the 2016 ICSC Florida Conference!

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