Hey Gang! It’s Monday and time to focus on the incredibly shrinking product sizes (aka honey I shrunk the groceries). In one of the more cynical product manufacturing techniques of the last thirty years, CPG’s are pushing the envelope of our patience by changing product sizing and packaging to make smaller what was bigger, without changing the price. There’s a word for that…shrinkflation. 

“Consumers are more attuned to cost than package size, which affects their shopping decisions less than price. You might notice when the cost of your cat treats goes up a dollar, but do you notice when the amount of treats shrinks?”, says Peter Butler of CNET money. 

I really haven’t been that aware of the practice myself until recently. I purchased some coffee and put it on the shelf next to some I bought some time back. It was significantly smaller, but the price … not so much. 

We’ll finally someone calling them out on their deception. There are actually people who track this stuff…who knew? Just surf over to Mouseprint.org where their every Monday feature called “Here we downsize again” tracks the new lows in product shrink. You probably can’t stop it, but you can steer clear of the biggest offenders. 

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