Hey Gang! Another manic Monday where today’s nugget is from the “too good not to share” department. “Seven out of ten workers — about 72% — admitted that they were surprised to learn that their new roles or companies were different from what they were led to believe during the interview process” says Muse CEO Kathryn Minshew.

This is a logical follow on from last week’s post about the return to work, the office and social fabric. It’s true, we’re in an unprecedented time in many industries where employment opportunities significantly outstrip qualified candidates. And it is also true that companies and recruiters, both third party and internal, are stretching candidate’s resumes beyond their actual qualifications. They shouldn’t.

Some of this stretch though is the candidate’s fault. They know … or should know what they can do and what they need in terms of learning and mentoring. This skills gap is a primary factor in the job not looking as advertised.  

While the employment market ebbs and flows. The real rewards and opportunities ALWAYS lean toward investment. The candidate who takes control of their own career and relentless pursues their future ultimately wins. Enjoy!  #mentoring #growth #greatresignation #fortunefavorsthebrave #Office