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Assortment optimization has been fundamental to retail success and store design since retail began. Even the earliest merchants understood this millennia ago when they sought to offer the optimal mix of products with the highest probability of producing profitable sales growth.

The goal is the same today but advances in technology and adoption of AI have transformed how retailers leverage increasing volumes of data to make precise assortment optimization decisions that increase the productivity of selling space. This ability means retailers can think differently about growth opportunities, store sizes, results-oriented remodeling activities, and the allocation of space in stores. When it is possible to optimize assortments and improve productivity, a wide range of other growth-related decisions are affected.

Join Cuchaci Peterson’s Senior President of Design, Steven M. Duffy, and SymphonyAI Retail CPG’s Todd McCourtie, Vice President, Product Management Assortment & Space Planning, who will be featured on a free webinar where they will participate in a group discussion titled, “Merchandising Success in a Format-Flexible World.”

The panel will discuss store design trends and innovation, synergies with assortment optimization and how to deploy advanced #AI technologies for deeper insights.

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