Hey Folks! Some midweek distraction for you from the “you just can’t make this up” file. There is a lot in the news right now about electric cars and that we need to transition to them… yesterday. (full disclosure I own a PHEV)

So, my travels take me to Philadelphia routinely. On this visit I get off the rental shuttle and the attendant corners me and asks me how far I’m driving (kind of an odd question I thought). It only took a few seconds for him to entice me into renting an electric car (a Polestar… aka a Chinese Volvo?).

Remember, typically you don’t have charging infrastructure without a home base. So that future “charge up” happens somewhere “on the road again”. Our politicians tell us we need to go electric … but they’re obviously not talking to the person renting me the car who gave me “the talk”. “We don’t have a lot of charging infrastructure around here (aka we don’t have a lot of chargers so watch out) … so you don’t have to ‘fill ‘er up’ to drop it off”, says the fine fellow with the rental car company.

So, let’s think about that for a moment. We are being told by the political class … go electric now! And yet my most recent experience indicates we’re NOT ready for any comprehensive changeover (although driving a computer is really a unique opportunity).  This experience just amplifies a “tech before its time” moment, especially in a rental context.  

Phew … Thank goodness that my driving habits here will support the “battery” on this trip and I won’t have to charge in “the brave new world” #PracticeSafeCharging #DontBeStranded #HappyMotoring #ElectricAvenue #ElectricCars