Mercedes Parts Distribution Facility | Jacksonville, FL | Industrial Architect 2

Cuhaci Peterson™, a Central Florida-based architecture and engineering firm, is revealing the approach to intensify its nationwide footprint in the industrial sector.

The company has tapped Principal and industrial market leader Bryon McCarthy and Manager of Business Development Jade Nunes to drive the firm’s exciting expansion efforts in the flourishing sector. Cuhaci Peterson’s industrial client portfolio includes many notable brands such as FedEx, Hoshizaki America, Kalera, Mercedes-Benz, Target, Tesla and more.

“There’s much excitement around the industrial sector and its use cases, including those that we’ve yet to see come to fruition, like indoor functions that include advanced robotics, agriculture and more,” McCarthy said. “It’s in these indoor environments that solutions to some of our economy’s greatest needs will be found. We want to supply those answers and I’m encouraged by CP’s position to provide our unique and customized services to clients who see the power in what we’re offering,” he explained.

The firm’s industrial experts will also help drive short-term and long-term solutions through timely insights. It’s this type of thought leadership that the company believes will give its clients additional value.

“Our industrial team is dedicated to identifying current and future trends, those implications, and are presently in some of the nation’s hottest industrial markets, which allows us to truly have our finger on the pulse of this vertical,” Nunes noted.

Knowledge of these key markets includes practical experience in creating and refining spaces that are functional, innovative, and ready to meet client needs and objectives.

“We are very excited to ramp up our efforts and show why we are a viable player in this space and why our approach and connection with our clients really make us a trusted partner and top choice,” said Nunes.

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