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Orlando, Florida,–After Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico in September of 2017, Cuhaci & Peterson employees Leginska Perez, Nicole Richner and Sharleen Betancourt stepped up to mobilize support for relief efforts within the firm. In addition to collecting a total of 94 gallons of water, 237 cans & 43 boxes of food, along with milk, baby food, diapers, plates, cups, silverware, paper towels, bed sheets, blankets, pet food, toilet paper, personal hygiene items, medications, batteries, flashlights and other necessity items that were given to Enlaces por el Noroeste at an October 7th collection event, they coordinated with Cuhaci & Peterson executives to start an internal relief fund.

Seeded with an initial donation by the firm of $2,000 and a promise to match dollar for dollar what employees would donate, a total of $8,750 was raised within a few weeks. After reaching out to various organizations to figure out where the donations could do the most good, $5,250 was sent directly to Urban Health Plan, where President and CEO Paloma Hernandez heads up efforts and coordinates via Off the Grid Relief.

Additionally, the C&P team determined that there was also a need for funds that could be used to purchase necessities quickly and easily by local residents. As there are numerous Walmart locations across the island of Puerto Rico, the remainder of the funds was allocated to purchase 35 $100 gift cards that could be given to those recovering to use for what they personally need most.

C&P CEO, Greg Simpson commented, “As Cuhaci & Peterson has had a longstanding relationship with Walmart, being able to support the hurricane relief efforts and one our largest program clients simultaneously is a meaningful thing for the firm.” C&P Architectural Graduate Leginska Perez traveled to Puerto Rico on Christmas Eve and will distribute the cards throughout Centro Comunal Hucares, as well as, meet with the 35 families during her trip.

When all was said and done C&P Architectural Graduate Sharleen Betancourt shared, “When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico back in September I felt the need to take care of my family, friends, and everyone else back home. In the hopes of providing some kind of relief to them I decided to reached out to my C-P family and friends. This effort quickly took off in a much bigger way than what I could have imagined. The support we received at C-P has allowed us to help in many ways and I’m truly thankful. But, Puerto Rico still needs us. My hope is to show everyone how much we care and inspire others to do the same.”

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