Every October as we’re getting in the swing of all things pumpkin spice, you also start to see pink popping up around town. Cuhaci & Peterson is now on our second year of participating in XL106.7’s ‘Turn Orlando Pink’ event for #Pinktober. While it’s fantastic to see so much support around the city, it’s also been a very touching experience asking our C&P team to submit their pink pictures. So many have a story and during this day people aren’t afraid to tell it. We have survivors in our midst. We have people with family members that have just been diagnosed. We have people who have lost love ones too soon and others who watched their family member or friend fight and win. The common thread is that this day gets us talking, possibly to someone who was afraid to get checked out or who just hadn’t thought about making the time. There are great medical treatments out there, but awareness is step one, so thank you XL1067 for helping get the conversation started in our office and around Central Florida. Also thank you to everyone at C&P who wore their pink in support of those who have fought, are fighting or might have to fight for their lives in the future. It doesn’t go unnoticed.collage