Several members of Cuhaci & Peterson will be attending, exhibiting and presenting at the ICSC 2015 Florida Conference.

The Cuhaci & Peterson team will be at the ICSC Florida Conference, occurring Sunday, August 30th- Tuesday, September 1st at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Conference attendees can connect with Cuhaci & Peterson during the deal making portion of the conference at booth #2725.

Attending the conference from Cuhaci & Peterson will be Jed Downs, President, Lonnie Peterson, Co-Founder, Stephen Roberts, Director of Sales, Casey Duranczyk, Business Development, Steven Duffy, Vice President, Jay Brown, Senior Landscape Architect/Planner, Bill Tomala, Manager of Government Relations, Norberto Campos, Vice President of Design, Chris Renegar, Principal, Tony Laudani, Project Manager, Joe Lara, Project Manager, Jeff Yeager, Project Manager, Amy Phillips, Marketing Manager and Leslie Lavery, Marketing Communications Coordinator.

Additionally, V.P. of Grocery, Steven Duffy will be moderating a panel on Food Deserts, Monday, August 31st at 9:30am. Joining him will be John Crossman of Crossman & Company, Curtis Ostrodka of VHB, Jason Burton of the City of Orlando and Roniece Weaver of Hebni Nutrition. The panel will discuss what opportunities and incentives exist for those who might choose to develop in one of the many underserved areas in Florida.

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