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Greg Simpson and Maritza Berger in Savannah with Gita!

A Stroll Through Savannah With a Robot

Cuhaci Peterson recently attended the Convenience Foodservice Exchange (CFX) summit in Savannah, Georgia and we had the chance to meet up with one of our partners who brought along a friend. I had the privilege of walking through the streets

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2022 ICSC Vegas – Cuhaci Peterson – Sunday Excursion

The Cuhaci Peterson™ and Bowman Consulting teams go full metal geek on #ICSC Vegas – Day 1. Enjoying the relationships and friendships of our industry and getting some fresh air out of the Vegas scene at Hoover Dam. Many thanks to Jesse Goldfarb, Jamie Sullivan, P.E., Bill Pfeffer, Jade

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Honey I shrunk the groceries

Hey Gang! It’s Monday and time to focus on the incredibly shrinking product sizes (aka honey I shrunk the groceries). In one of the more cynical product manufacturing techniques of the last thirty years, CPG’s are pushing the envelope of our

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A grocery industry interim report card

Hey Gang! Ending this week with a grocery industry interim report card (weren’t they called progress reports back in school). Nonetheless, the US grocery market hit 8.7 billion in February, presumably the third highest mark since January 2021. Looking good Right? “Delivery

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