38 years ago, a guy named Lonnie Peterson co-founded Cuhaci & Peterson. If we were to list all of his accomplishments, you would be reading for a while. Instead, we decided to celebrate Lonnie, the lives he has touched, the memories he’s helped make and the legacy that he will leave us to uphold, at a reception in his honor.

Many have heard how Lonnie ventured out of his hometown in Nebraska, after graduating with his Architecture Degree, looking for work just before the 1976 Olympics; he ended up in Montreal for a bit and later Ottawa, where he began working with Ed Cuhaci. After about a year at Cuhaci & Associates, Mr. Cuhaci asked Lonnie if he would be willing to open a branch office in Central Florida. It was January, so the choice between Canada and Orlando was a no brainer and the rest is history. This is one of several stories, Lonnie sometimes would tell over the years when he’d get acquainted with new employees.

He always made it a point to get to know those that work for C&P. Not just their first name, but things like where they are from or what they like to do for fun. Outside of firm he also made sure to truly get to know the clients and contractors he worked with, as well. Anyone who has ever tried to cross the floor at a conference with Lonnie knows you have to leave plenty of extra time to get where you are going because people will constantly be stopping him to say hello. He’s always been a relationship builder in business and in life. In addition to the employees that he’s had, the projects he’s signed his name to and the multitude of events he’s attended, he made a point to give back to the community. He’s run and bicycled more miles than anyone here can count and while some of it was for fun, a great deal of it was for various causes.

And although Lonnie’s working relationship with Cuhaci & Peterson will come to a close at the end of year, he’ll never stop being part of who we are and what we do. Plus he’s still got a key to the building; a fact he joked about as he said some parting words to the company at our final monthly meeting of 2016.

So with all of that, we thought it best to spend some time enjoying old pictures, chatting over snacks and drinks and making even more memories with the man whose name is above the front door and whose many contributions to our company will not soon be forgotten.

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