Earlier this week, members of our 2015 CANstruction team stopped by Fern Creek Elementary School to present awards to the kids that worked with us this year. Each child got a gift card and the class, as a whole, got a $250 donation and a framed award for their participation and effort.

In return, we received smiles and gratitude in addition to some very well written thank you letters. Hearing about the planning sessions and event from the perspective of a 4th or 5th grader was amazing and really shed some light on how much they learned and were enriched by being part of this year’s CANstruction team.

Here are some of our favorite passages:

“Designing the tree was amazing! It was the definition of awesome! Sorry, I got carried away there.”

“We were cooperating with each other. I can’t believe we got first place in an actual contest!”

“Learning more about engineering was awesome! I want to be an engineer when I grow up.”

“I remember when we took a vote and our idea got picked. Then I got voted captain. That’s so cool! I had a good experience doing everything, but I still can’t believe that a bunch of good things happened.”

“Thanks for the pizza. But don’t eat it when it’s leaning (leaning tower of pizza). It was a joke.”

“Working with you helped us something else. You brightened our future in a way that no one else could. You did not just help us with all the things you said but with just making us happy. If you do not hear this often, you should. So C&P thank you for everything.”

All in all it was a great close out to an even greater experience. We’re already thinking about next year.