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General:  A Project Architect is responsible for implementing complex architectural projects, including Design, Construction Documents, Permitting, Bidding and Construction Administration.  Included is coordination with other disciplines.  Supervises and ensures team members are trained.

Requirements:  A Project Architect shall hold an active architectural license and shall have 8 to 10  years experience in a professional office.  This position requires a complete understanding of building construction methods and techniques as well as the major model codes.  Final responsibility for the technical quality and success of the project lies with the Project Architect.


  • Initiate and direct coordination with engineering disciplines, including guidance and direction on types of systems to be used
  • Cost estimating.
  • Perform in depth architectural and engineering coordination quality control checks.
  • Assist with Architect I in all responsibilities delineated in their Job Descriptions.
  • Advanced skills in research, planning, design, CDs, administration/inspections.
  • Promotes sustainable design.
  • Seeks and encourages marketing involvement.
  • Helps shape office vision and mission.
  • Conducts performance reviews.
  • Prepare statements of probable cost.
  • Signing & sealing.
  • Oversee Production of CDs of multiple projects.
  • Maintains C&P standards and QC throughout projects.
  • Resolves design issues/answers questions.
  • Assists PM in setting scope and budget.
  • Assists client’s interests in public hearings & meetings.
  • Capable of running a large sized project or series of medium projects.
  • Assists in bid process.
  • Assists in providing full CA services.
  • Assists in proposal preparation.
  • Mentor, teach and lead.
  • Preparation and presentation of design drawings.
  • Analyze client problems/problem solving.
  • Produce design, CDs, and specifications.
  • Complete scope within allotted time/budget.
  • Manage permitting process/response to comments.
  • Manage bidding procedures.
  • Minor field assistance with CA.
  • Research and apply applicable codes/Contact w/AHJs.
  • Coordinate w/other disciplines, runs kickoff meeting.
  • Makes presentations to clients/develop design solutions.
  • Resolves technical issues/answers questions.
  • Coordinate Peer review and QC of documents.
  • Perform in-depth QC review of documents.

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