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General: A production level position that is responsible for the preparation for site investigation reports and carrying out the permitting procedures.

Requirements: A Permit Coordinator should have a minimum of five (5) years experience with an associated site development trade or profession. Knowledge of basic site development procedures, blueprint reading, mathematical skills, and map reading is necessary. Superior communication skills, both written and verbal are basic requirements. This position requires a high level of organizational skills.


  • Prepare site investigation reports and associated graphics with minimal direction. Coordinate supplemental documents / presentations with the Permits Assistant. Must be available for travel to prospective sites and investigation and permitting purposes.
  • Identify importance of various issues identified in the site investigation and the ability to understand and communicate the implications for the project.
  • Understanding and application of any sensitives of the project from and / all aspects (i.e., real estate, design impacts).
  • Understand the importance of time and sense of urgency to the client for all aspects of development.
  • Understanding of basic code requirement impacts on the project (both architectural and engineering).
  • Forward thinking on issues that may arise that could delay projects in the permitting or construction process and bring the issues to the attention of the project manager and the client as needed.
  • Field measure, photographs and videotape existing conditions as needed.
  • Effective communication with all parties involved in the project (in house, outside consultants and clients).
  • Initiate / keep project moving by interviewing and prompting parties.
  • Review construction documents at 90% completion to insure consistency with architectural and civil engineering plans as well as insuring issues and information required by the reviewing agency are addressed.
  • Preparing submittal packages, submitting and tracking reviews through the approvals.
  • Identify the ramifications of new laws and / or ordinates that will impact projects.
  • Assist office personnel with code research and basic interpretation of codes as interpreted by the reviewing agency.
  • Coordinate and prepare documents for submittal including all aspects needed to obtain approval for permits (i.e., addressing, water / wastewater agreements, civil engineering permits, architectural / engineering permits).
  • Coordinate outside consultants including surveys, landscaping, site electrical, geotechnical, architectural and / or civil engineering.
  • Prepare comments / response letters for resubmittals and coordinate the responses with the architectural / civil project manager.
  • Act as a liaison between the Architectural or Civil Project Manager, client, outside consultants and municipality.
  • Troubleshoot design problems and coordination of resolution.
  • Insure that correction shave been made on the revised plans to answer any questions and basic understanding of the corrections.
  • Understanding and familiarity of plan details and ramifications of changes.
  • Effectively interpret municipality comments regarding submitted plans and negotiate for the most favorable outcome for the client including creating options and solutions.
  • Representation of clients and projects at meetings and public hearings.
  • Demonstrate ability to streamline processes and minimize time expended while maintaining a high quality product.
  • Communication with the contractor to bridge permit issuance and construction starts.
  • Assist the contractor in construction issues as instructed by the client.
  • Assist in the coordinating efforts to bridge construction completion and turnover to operations as directed by the client.
  • Assist as directed in all other permitting related activities for which the department is responsible.
  • Work effectively with various Project Management styles.

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